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Join PLTW and STEM Experts for E-week Twitter Chat

Curious to know what people in STEM fields love about their jobs? Ever wonder what it takes to begin a STEM career? Join experts from the USA Science and Engineering FestivalLockheed MartinProject Lead The Way, and Bucknell University on Twitter to discuss their path to a career in STEM. Special guest Big Beacon will also join.

Tweet your questions about STEM careers, overcoming challenges, and inspiring students to @USAScienceFest@LockheedMartin, @BU_ENGR, or @PLTWorg with the #eweekchat2014 hashtag. 

Questions will be selected from those tweeted with the #eweekchat2014 and @PLTWorg will host the chat during National Engineers Week on Wednesday, February 19 at 8pm-8:30pm EST.