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Launch a STEM Story for Every Student

STEM learning is proven to be beneficial in students’ attitudes about math and science as well as academic performance in later grades, and STEM careers are driving the workforce. 

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Discover the Impact of Starting STEM Earlier

Learn in our latest Impact Profile how a district leverages PLTW curriculum in every grade starting in kindergarten to help students be STEM successful. Simply submit the form to view this Mississippi district's K-12 STEM story! Find schools near you, too.

Captivate Your Students with Curriculum that Connects

For today's PreK-5 learners, early exposure to STEM can be critical for academic success and career readiness. With learning that creates connections between the classroom and real life, teachers help students build confidence and creative thinking skills. Through unique problem-based learning from Project Lead The Way (PLTW), educators get access to proven curriculum and best-in-class professional development that makes learning more fun for everyone.

Expand STEM education in your school district. The results you can achieve are exciting and expansive.

Launch your students' STEM stories so they can see themselves in any career. 
Launch your school's STEM story to build greater successes for your district.
Launch your teachers' STEM stories and empower them with confidence to lead learning in new subject areas.