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Your PreK-5 Students Need STEM, Too

Your school district already relies on Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to achieve its STEM priorities. But are students getting that advantage from day one?

Early exposure to STEM is critical for every student, and teachers need evidence-based curriculum that captivates young learners and connects to real life. Fuel your students with experiences that create success and encourage their natural love of learning. Learn more below and download Rosie's Runtime—an example of our curriculum—to get students out of their seats and into a coding mindset!

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Download Rosies Runtime

What is Rosie's Runtime?

In this classroom-ready activity, students use a gridded game board and “code cards” to create a program that directs their classmate, Rosie the robotic dog, back to her doghouse. As everyone works together to help Rosie jump over mud puddles and gather dog bones, they learn from failed attempts as they find and fix “bugs” in their program.

By the end of this out-of-their-seats activity, students will learn how to:

  • Define a program
  • Demonstrate persistence
  • Evaluate a problem
  • Apply math skills
  • Collaborate
  • Make connections to how humans control computers
  • Begin to understand events as triggers that make computers carry out instructions

Rosie's Runtime is adapted from an activity used in two PLTW Launch modules. Try it out in K-5 classrooms to discover how the first step of Project Lead The Way's (PLTW) unique Activity-, Project-, Problem-Based (APB) approach taps into students' exploratory nature and engages them in purposeful play.

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Free STEM Activity in English and Spanish


Discover the Impact of Starting STEM Earlier

With PLTW Launch curriculum, students experience integrated learning that blends computer science, engineering, biomedical science, and more. Throughout the modules, even the youngest learners apply math and English Language Arts (ELA), connect science to standards, and adopt skills that are foundational across disciplines.

Available in English and Spanish

Make hands-on STEM education accessible for both teachers and students, including America's 5 million+ English Language Learners.

Designed for Flexible Implementation

Integrate STEM in every classroom, as a special rotation, or as an alternate learning option easily and with dedicated support from the start.

Connects to Critical Standards

Improve academic success with curriculum that helps schools meet state and local requirements for science, math, and computer science.

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Everything You Need to Keep Students Engaged

PreK-5 educators need to create classroom experiences that tap into students' exploratory nature and engage them in learning that feels like play. PLTW Launch provides teachers with the resources they need to deliver interactive learning that helps students build skills to discover what they can achieve.

  • Build equity with learning that teaches every student how to fail forward so they can learn how to succeed.
  • Increase confidence among teachers and students through access to learning opportunities that have a real-world impact.
  • Create community by showing students how knowledge and skills they learn today impact the people and places around them.

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No more shopping for supplies. Make life easier with all the training, tools, and support you need in one place.

Curriculum anyone can teach.
Get training that inspires STEM-shy teachers to become STEM champions.

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