Elementary STEM Curriculum in Spanish

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English Language (EL) students are a vastly underrepresented population. They also represent an enormous source of untapped potential and opportunity.

EL students are the fastest growing student population, expected to make up almost 25% of all public school students by the year 2025! The overwhelming majority of those EL students speak Spanish at home. The academic performance of these students is remarkable, too. Multilingual students showed two to three times more progress in reading and math than students who speak English only.

However, even with such impressive numbers, EL students are underrepresented in college and in the STEM workforce, fields which are among the fastest-growing and highest-paying in the United States.

The path to success in school and to those STEM careers for EL students is through rich learning experiences which build their confidence, allow them to engage by doing, and which cultivates a transition to proficiency in English. Starting in the earliest grades.

PLTW Launch (PreK-5) creates exactly that environment. Students shine. Teachers guide. Schools perform.

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You're always looking for opportunities for (English language learners) to use higher level skill words, particularly level two words. That language you need beyond conversational English is hugely important.

The program really facilitates ...using those words and also starts getting into industry specific jargon.

- Don Isbell CTE Director, California

We have the entire Project Lead The Way program in Spanish and it's not a translation, it is a full up Spanish version of this outstanding program.

- Stacy Kline Teacher, California

(PLTW) Launch reaches students before they develop notions about what they can or can’t do. The curriculum lets them create, innovate and problem solve in fun ways as they work side -by -side with their classmates. And the cast of multicultural characters helps students relate and make connections about what is possible.