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Share Your Story

What are some of your PLTW classroom stories and/or recommended best practices in education? Complete the form below and share your story.

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Whether you'd like to share a student success story, classroom tips, or a new strategy for enhancing a PLTW program, we want to hear from you! This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the great things happening at your school, connect with other educators across the country, and inspire and help others by sharing your stories and expertise.

Suggested blog post topics:

  • What are your tips for connecting with community partners?
  • How have you put what you learned in Core Training into practice?
  • What best practices would you share with fellow educators teaching PLTW for the first time?
  • What problems have your PLTW students solved?
  • What has been the most surprising outcome of adding PLTW to your classroom?

PLTW students are invited to share their stories, as well. Suggested student blog post prompts:

  • Describe challenges you have faced in PLTW and what you have learned from them. How have you changed as a student or as a person as a result of overcoming those challenges? How might you approach challenges in the future?
  • What lessons have you learned in PLTW? What unexpected experiences did you have? What advice would you give to new PLTW students?

Please fill out the form below for an opportunity for your story to appear on the PLTW blog. All submissions will need to agree to PLTW's Content and Release terms.