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Equipment and Supplies

PLTW courses integrate equipment, technology, and supplies into the curriculum to give students hands-on experiences and opportunities to apply what they learn in a meaningful way. Students have access to equipment and software employed by industry, so that they can see the real-world implications of what they learn. Now, districts and schools can use the Store within myPLTW to order equipment and supplies. The Store is an online tool that allows any myPLTW user to create an equipment and supply list, pay invoices, view order status, and purchase select equipment and supplies online.

We highly recommend that all PLTW districts and schools use the Store for creating their equipment and supply list for their PLTW programs. Additionally, please use the PLTW Investment Tool for details on related equipment, supplies, Participation Fees, and professional development investments. 

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PLTW Software

The annual PLTW Participation Fee covers the cost of all required software for your PLTW programs. Learn more about the software required for PLTW programs and how to access it.

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Program Recognition

Learn more about program recognition for PLTW districts and schools.

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PLTW Marketing Materials

We're happy to provide your school or organization with materials to help promote and grow PLTW programs. The first 50 brochures for each PLTW program are provided at no charge. Any additional copies are subject to a fee. If you require more than 50 brochures for your PLTW program, please contact us.

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