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What to expect from InspirED.

Jennifer Erbacher introduces PLTW's new communication vehicle.

Markie Wagner: Opening Students’ Eyes to Opportunity

Students can’t be what they can’t see – they need experiences and mentors to open their eyes to the world of opportunities before them.

Steve Stokey: Creating PreK-Career Pipelines

What would happen if businesses and companies treated recruiting and hiring talent the way colleges and universities recruit athletes?

Abby Harrison: Mentoring to Mars

A PLTW alumna and aspiring astronaut shares how perseverance, failure, and focus are key to achieving your goals.

Eryca Card: It's Elementary

In less than five years, she’s helped grow a district-wide STEM program that includes everyone from the community’s homeschool students to the local CEO and the state’s governor. 

Ruby Rios: Paving the Way for Girls in CS

Lack of diversity in STEM programs creates a vicious cycle. Just ask Ruby Rios. She's on a mission to fix the problem for the girls who follow in her footsteps.

Aaron Smith: A District's Path to Student Success

From a district with a struggling identity to now a national model for student success. Hear the struggles, the successes, and how you can create similar changes in your district.

Paula Rodriguez Duran: An American Dream

In a new country and new high school at age 17, Paula discovered an interest in art and technology that helped her discover her career passion and create a life she only dreamed of before coming to the United States. Hear her message for other students, teachers, and counselors.

John Urschel: Math Matters

He left the NFL to pursue his PhD in applied mathematics. But he didn't always love math. Hear how John Urschel wants to help all students see how math matters.

Bill Van Loo: Learning for Life

What does it mean to be a lifelong learner? Listen as PLTW Master Teacher Bill Van Loo shares the keys to always learning, modeling it in your classroom, and using it to inspire students to be lifelong learners too.

Suzanne Martin: Leveling Up

InTulsa, Oklahoma, PLTW Launch Master Teacher Suzanne Martin is leveling the playing field by “leveling up”, raising students up to new heights through relevant, hands-on learning. In her story filled with success, failure, and authenticity, she’s found the program does the same for educators too.

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