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InspirED, a podcast from PLTW

What to expect from InspirED.

Jennifer Erbacher introduces PLTW's new communication vehicle.

Markie Wagner: Opening Students’ Eyes to Opportunity

Students can’t be what they can’t see – they need experiences and mentors to open their eyes to the world of opportunities before them.

Steve Stokey: Creating PreK-Career Pipelines

What would happen if businesses and companies treated recruiting and hiring talent the way colleges and universities recruit athletes?

Abby Harrison: Mentoring to Mars

A PLTW alumna and aspiring astronaut shares how perseverance, failure, and focus are key to achieving your goals.

Eryca Card: It's Elementary

In less than five years, she’s helped grow a district-wide STEM program that includes everyone from the community’s homeschool students to the local CEO and the state’s governor. 

Ruby Rios: Paving the Way for Girls in CS

Lack of diversity in STEM programs creates a vicious cycle. Just ask Ruby Rios. She's on a mission to fix the problem for the girls who follow in her footsteps.

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