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Access Your 2021-22 PLTW Program Classroom Software

Please use the links below to access the software needed for your PLTW programs. The information below contains software and procedures are intended for classroom installation. Troubleshooting documents are available here.

2021-22 Computer Specifications

Computer Specifications: To ensure you can successfully install and use required software, please use the follow hardware specifications for your program:

2021-22 Software Updates

  • Virtual Computer Labs: PLTW, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), have collaborated with SynchroNet, and AWS consulting partner, to virtualize software through AppStream 2.0. Software used in PLTW courses will now be accessible through virtual computer labs on laptops that did not previously meet the technology requirements. This service reduces dependency on physical computer labs so that you have more options to maximize student access and continue to focus on providing the in-demand, transferable skills students need to thrive in our rapidly evolving world. Non-Windows operating systems will require additional hardware to use USB devices featured in PLTW courses. Learn more.
  • Distance Learning Software: Listed in the document are websites that students and teachers will need to access for Distance Learning activities. Sites that require a login to complete activities will have their own guide with their respective course below.
  • myPLTW Network Allow List

In the past year, we have focused our efforts in creating Distance Learning resources to meet students wherever they are learning. Distance Learning will be offered again in the 2021-2022 school year. Because of these efforts, few other changes have been implemented to PLTW Courses. See details about major changes below.

  • VEX V5: The curriculum for the 2020-21 school year supports the VEX Cortex equipment. While the plan is for VEX V5 to eventually replace the VEX Cortex equipment completely, we have decided the 2021-22 curriculum will include instruction for both the VEX Cortex equipment and the VEX V5 control systems. This transition year will allow schools more time to upgrade their VEX Cortex equipment or purchase the new VEX V5 system. Any teachers participating in PLTW Core Training beginning in summer 2021 will receive training with VEX V5 platform only. Aerospace Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Principles of Engineering, and Automation Robotics are courses that are affected by this transition. Teacher guides include update training for all teachers as they transition to the new platform.
  • Introduction to Engineering Design: Through the course rewrite, the preferred CAD modelling software has changed from Autodesk Inventor, to Autodesk Fusion 360 in an effort to become more software agnostic. Fusion 360 allows users to save projects in the cloud, collaborate with others, and can be used on PCs and Macs. Teacher files and resources are available in the updated course for Autodesk Inventor and teachers can still use Autodesk Inventor in their classroom. Users can now access the online version of Fusion 360. Details for access are in the account setup guide.
  • PLTW Biomedical Science: While students can still use their legacy Vernier Sensors with Logger Pro, course updates recommend moving to the newest GoDirect Vernier sensors and Graphical Analysis 4. Graphical Analysis 4 can be used with Mac, PC, Chromebook, Android, and iOS devices.

PLTW Gateway (6-8)

  • Design and Modeling
  • Energy and the Environment
    • This course has no required software.
  • Flight and Space
    • This course has no required software.
  • Green Architecture
  • Science of Technology
    • This course has no required software

PLTW Engineering (9-12)

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