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Access Your 2019-20 PLTW Program Software

The annual PLTW Participation Fee covers the cost of all required software for your PLTW programs. Please use the links below to access the software needed for your PLTW programs. Troubleshooting documents are available here.

2019-20 Software Updates

  • myPLTW Whitelist Information
  • Computer Specifications: To ensure you can successfully install and use required software, please use the follow hardware specifications for your program:
  • Beta Course Information: Classroom installation information for Computer Science Principles beta and Engineering Essentials beta is available under the appropriate PLTW program below. If your school is not participating in the beta release of these courses, please do not use the beta installation information as it does not align to the current curriculum. 
  • Digital Electronics: FPGA boards are no longer supported for Digital Electronics. Digital Electronics is now utilizing the Digital Mini System with the PLTW S7 chip. The new S7 chip requires a new software in the Digital Electronics course titled Xilinx Vivado.  The CMOD S6 chip is still supported and utilizes Xilinx 14.7.
  • NEW End-of-Course Assessment Installation Guides:
  • 2017-2018 Autodesk products now license after installation is complete. For mass installation, consider creating an Autodesk Deployment Package.
  • STEM Hero is the only software requiring the Software Request Form. For use in Environmental Sustainability only.
  • ROBOTC no longer needs a Building License file to use the software. ROBOTC versions 4.55 and higher are ready for student use after installing the software.
  • Review our change log to see information about additional minor software updates.
  • All other licensing information and procedures are located in the installation guides below.

PLTW Gateway (6-8)

  • NEW Medical Detectives
    • This course has no required software. 

PLTW Engineering (9-12)

  • Environmental Sustainability
    • STEM Hero - Please submit a Software Request Form for each PLTW school needing the software (licensing information is emailed within five business days). Ensure that you have a teacher certified in the Environmental Sustainability course at your organization before submitting a request.

We’re Here to Help

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