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Access Your 2016-17 PLTW Program Software

The annual PLTW participation fee covers the cost of all required software for your PLTW programs. Please use the links below to access the software needed for your PLTW programs. Troubleshooting document is available here.

2016-17 Software Updates

  • For the PLTW Engineering Computer Integrated Manufacturing course, Edgecam has been replaced by Autodesk Inventor HSM Pro 2016.
  • The Software Request Form is only required for STEM Hero.
  • All other licensing information and procedures are located in the installation guides below.
  • ROBOTC no longer needs a Building License file to use the software. The latest version of ROBOTC (4.55) is ready for student use after installing the software.
  • To ensure you can successfully install and use required software, please follow these hardware specifications.

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