PLTW Gateway: Opening More Doors for Students

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As students engage in PLTW Gateway's pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, they see the range of career paths and possibilities available to them. Learn how you can transform the learning experience at your school or district and inspire career confidence among your middle school students. 

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Coulwood STEM Academy 

Hear PLTW Gateway students from Coulwood share their professional aspirations and explain how STEM knowledge and skills are key to their careers.

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Q&A with PLTW Gateway School Principal 

Learn from Dr. Andy Glatfelter about Fulton & Alsbury Academy’s path to success and PLTW Gateway's role in its achievements.

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Brief: Career Exploration in Middle School

Discover federal funding opportunities, policy requirements, and recommendations on how to ensure your students are prepared for a career and a life of economic prosperity. 


PLTW Gateway and the Growth Mindset

Guest post by Ross Hartley, PLTW Gateway teacher at Ridgeview STEM Junior High

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Students Create Device That Could Save Lives

Guest post by Tate Rector, PLTW Gateway teacher at Beebe Junior High 

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Students Learn In-Demand Skills and Life Lessons

Guest post by John Kocsis, PLTW Gateway teacher at Trenton Catholic Academy

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