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PLTW’s Distance Learning Support Embedded Curriculum Enhancement Release Schedule

PLTW worked through course content and listened to feedback from PLTW educators to determine a release schedule that would provide distance learning enhancements for most students, maintain quality and outcomes of our curriculum, and allow PLTW to respond to feedback by pivoting toward our network’s ever-changing needs.

In their myPLTW courses, teachers will see support for distance learning including general overview information, caregiver letters, and distance learning path maps to help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year. In the PLTW High School and PLTW Gateway curriculum, students and teachers will also see a new section labeled Distance Learning Opportunities that includes various “quests” that teachers may assign to supplement their distance learning curriculum.

We will release our APB-Specific Distance Learning Enhancements on a rolling basis by unit, lesson, and module, varying by program. These enhancements provide guidance including alternatives specific to individual activities, projects, and problems for a student who is not in the classroom. The schedule below serves as a resource to aid you in planning your lessons for the 2020-21 school year. Please use the filters below to see when you should expect to see embedded resources in your course. 

You can see a quick preview and walkthrough of these enhancements for each program below!

While not every course, unit, and module will have APB-Specific Distance Learning Enhancements by August, we encourage you to continue to use existing resources and guidance to continue your course. Our goal is to deliver embedded distance learning options to our entire curriculum by the end of the first semester to minimize further disruptions to their school year. 

Important: The schedule below is subject to change and we will update accordingly.