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You may find the updated schedule in the same place we typically post the PLTW Core Training Schedule. Please navigate to the PLTW Core Training page under Professional Development on the PLTW website.

PLTW Core Training page:

PLTW Core Training registration will open Feb. 15, 2021 for summer 2021 courses.



PLTW Launch – Classroom Teacher


PLTW Launch – Lead Teacher


PLTW Gateway – 3-Day (EE, GA, ME, ST)


PLTW Gateway – 5-Day (AR, AC, CSIM, DM, FS, MD)


PLTW High School


PLTW will invoice schools or districts for costs related to PLTW Core Training.

Questions about your invoice? Please contact the PLTW Solution Center at [email protected] or at 877-335-7589.

PLTW is evaluating PLTW Core Training and will consider the feedback received during summer 2021 to determine training opportunities throughout the school year.

The schedule now lists all online options for summer 2021. We’ll add new PLTW Core Training offerings based on network demand.

All summer 2021 courses are Online with a set number of hours correlating to the days spent attending live sessions via Zoom. As with all our PLTW Core Training schedules, we developed the overall summer schedule based on many key factors, including but participant feedback, projected program growth, past registration data, and behavioral patterns of existing PLTW programs. For more details on PLTW Core Training Schedule options for summer 2021, please click here.

Yes. During training, participants will have a regular schedule of live sessions with their cohort and Master Teachers called Cohort Connection and will also be asked to participate in work to prepare for the next live session – called It’s Your Turn. We expect participants to attend all live sessions and complete all It’s Your Turn assignments for their credential.

The amount of time in Cohort Connection and It’s Your Turn varies, depending on which schedule option participants select. During registration, the start and end date, as well as specific live session dates and times and expectations for prep are listed for each course so that participants can choose the timeline that works best for them.

Please refer to the PLTW Professional Development Catalog in myPLTW for a complete listing of all course options. There, you will find the specific start date, end date, Cohort Connection session schedule, and expectations for It’s Your Turn activities for each training opportunity. You may navigate to the catalog by logging into myPLTW, choosing the Professional Development icon and selecting the Catalog.

If the Cohort Connection live session meeting times do not conflict, yes, it is possible to register for and attend more than one PLTW Core Training course. Please keep in mind that PLTW Core Training goes beyond Cohort Connection live sessions to include time in between live sessions (It’s Your Turn) to complete activities required for preparing for the next Cohort Connection as well as complete expectations for credentialing – the experience also includes interactive and collaborative cohort-based opportunities. We want you to get the most out of the experience and encourage you to closely review the time commitments and consider your personal schedule before registering.

To give you the best opportunity to successfully earn your credential and build relationships, we recommend no more than two concurrent PLTW Core Trainings during the same date span.

Other than the standard tuition fee, additional cost considerations should include equipment used to complete a course online such as a laptop, webcam, microphone, and headphones. We recommend the use of external monitor(s) (especially for Computer Science courses) and tablets for App Creators and CSIM. Teachers will also need access to reliable internet.

Participants will need to provide hardware, including computer, webcam, microphone, and headphones, in addition to reliable internet.

It’s helpful to have a comfortable and professional space to work, along with basic office supplies like pencil and paper. Participants will not need course-specific equipment or supplies; however, participants may need course-specific software. Please see required software for each course, unit, or program as listed at

Yes, teachers can earn CEUs from successful completion of PLTW Core Training. The total CEUs for each course will be guided by the content presented during training. Each course in a program may have a different number of CEUs.

To find state-specific information about CEUs, please visit the teacher licensure page of the state-specific Department of Education website. Typically, applicable information is found on the teacher licensing page.

PLTW is proud to partner with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) to award IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Teachers can earn IACET CEUs when they complete Core Training, as well as select other PLTW professional development experiences.

PLTW Core Training Overview

Frequently Asked Questions about PLTW PD, including more information about IACET CEUs and accessing your transcript

PLTW partners with multiple postsecondary institutions offer graduate credit for select PLTW programs and courses. View the current list of postsecondary partners that offer graduate credit here, along with specific application details, cost, and requirements. All graduate credit opportunities are created, managed, and issued by the offering institution. Please contact the offering institution directly if you have any questions about a specific opportunity.

PLTW is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all PLTW Core Training experiences with constant monitoring of health and safety recommendations. Based on the continuous increase of COVID-19 cases reported across the United States, PLTW has made the decision to offer PLTW Core Training experiences only virtually for summer 2021.

In fall 2021, we’ll offer job-embedded PLTW Core Training options, also delivered online, as well as Professional Development Plans (PDPs).

We’re also exploring how to provide more options for PLTW Core Training during the school year and will share details as they are available.

Training opportunities vary by PLTW Course. Please visit the catalog or the PLTW Professional Development webpage to view a complete list of training options per PLTW Course.

PLTW Core Training summer 2021 schedule is available for viewing here.

There is one course currently not available this summer: Environmental Sustainability.

We’ll proactively communicate if this course becomes available. Please Note: Teachers interested in this course will have ways to gain access to the curriculum when they need to in the fall and earn their credential, either through a Professional Development Plan (PDP) or PLTW Core Training. We’ll release more details about these options as they are available.

Participants are required to have a computer that meets or exceeds the minimum computer specifications as well as required software as applicable for each course, unit, or program as listed at A robust internet connection is also required.

Yes, during 2021 all training opportunities will be online until further notice. PLTW will continue to assess the guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) in subsequent months to determine when in-person training opportunities are again possible.

If a school or district is interested in hosting a District Transformation Training, please complete the District Transformation Training Request Form.

In 2019, PLTW standardized tuition prices and we are carrying them throughout PLTW Core Training offerings in 2021. We are applying the same tuition fee to all PLTW Core Trainings for a given course, including in-person and online offerings. As an PLTW Core Training – in any setting - provides teachers with the same value and ultimately leads to their credential.

PLTW has enhanced the online PLTW Core Training experience for summer 2021 participants by providing course specific materials and equipment to the address provided during registration at no additional cost to the tuition cost.

PLTW Core Training is a robust and interactive professional development experience in an environment that offers increased flexibility in training format, expanded resources, exciting networking opportunities, and the engaging high-quality course content that teachers expect from PLTW.

The online learning experience is facilitated by expertly trained Master Teachers and delivered through a dynamic mix of live sessions as well as interactive and collaborative cohort-based opportunities that help build lasting professional learning communities. Credentialed teachers will be empowered to provide meaningful learning experiences for their students that reinforce the in-demand, transferable skills needed to thrive in an evolving world.

It’s Your Turn is time participants spend preparing for the next Cohort Connection. During It’s Your Turn, participants may work individually on an activity, collaborate in assigned small groups or meet virtually with their Master Teacher. Participants should complete any assigned It’s Your Turn activities prior to their next scheduled Cohort Connection. Prep work can be done on a flexible schedule – in your own time. You’ll still have engagement with other learners and instructors during this time by way of activities such as discussion forums, peer feedback opportunities, and small group collaboration via Zoom. Master Teachers will also have open office hours throughout the day to provide support.

Cohort Connection are pre-scheduled, live meetings facilitated by Master Teachers and delivered using Zoom. Through Cohort Connection, participants will learn from Master Teachers and experience the PLTW course content during training. Participant attendance to Cohort Connections is mandatory.

All summer 2021 courses are Online with a set number of hours correlating to the days spent attending live sessions via Zoom. Please refer to the table below for schedule options.

Applicable PLTW Course

Online Schedule

Number of Live Sessions per day

PLTW Launch Classroom and Lead

Online - 16 hours over 2 days

2 Meetings per day

PLTW Launch Classroom and Lead

Online - 16 hours over 4 days

1 Meeting per day


Online - 24 hours over 3 days

2 Meetings per day


Online - 40 hours over 2 weeks

1 Meeting per day


Online - 40 hours over 1 week

2 Meetings per day

PLTW High School

Online - 80 hours over 4 weeks

1 Meeting per day

PLTW High School

Online - 80 hours over 2 weeks

2 Meetings per day

PLTW will invoice schools or districts for costs related to PLTW Core Training.

We accept credit cards and purchase order (PO) as payment types. If your school or district is unable to generate a purchase order, please use the PLTW payment guarantee letter, which is available for download here. This letter can be uploaded in lieu of the purchase order. Questions about your invoice? Please contact the PLTW Solution Center at [email protected] or at 877-335-7589.

PLTW will offer PLTW Core Training online courses during Fall and Winter 2021.

Participant Cancellations or Substitutions

Attendance at PLTW Core Training is required to earn the credential. Each participant receives an individual PLTW Core Training Welcome and Equipment Kit to create a successful training experience. Individuals can cancel their training registration or make participant substitutions with no penalty up to 7 days prior to the first scheduled day of training. Once training has started, you cannot make substitutions.

Cancellations made within 7 days of the event incur the full training fee for PLTW Core Training. If you do not cancel, make a timely substitution, or do not attend, you are responsible for full payment of the training fee. We cannot apply funds paid towards a cancellation or substitution fee to future training events. Payment is required even if you don’t successfully complete training and earn the credential.

PLTW is offering an Environmental Sustainability Professional Development Program (PDP) for the 2021-22 school year at the existing high school PDP fee of $1,265 per seat. This offering includes course access and Master Teacher support. Registration opens in June 2021.

PLTW is not offering a virtual Core Training option for Environmental Sustainability for summer 2021.