Leveraging PLTW Launch Best Practices to Deliver Unique Learning Experiences

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Build a Strong PLTW Launch Program

When laying the foundation of your PLTW Launch program, keep in mind that the strongest PLTW Launch programs typically focus their energy on key student-focused priorities.  

These programs provide open PLTW Launch access to students at all grade levels, ensuring every student gets to experience PLTW. In most strong PLTW Launch programs, several teachers are trained at each grade level and are actively engaged in the program. In addition, strong PLTW Launch programs have champions among district and school leaders. 

Applying the Design Process to Reading, Writing, and Social Studies

Discover how second-graders are applying the PLTW mindset to their entire
school day.

“This idea of the design process and feedback has carried over into every part of our learning day. In writing, students are revising and editing their own work and then discussing it with a partner to make it even better. In reading, students are practicing reading fluently and setting reflective goals of how they can improve.”

Christy Morris, PLTW Launch Teacher
Manor Hill Elementary
Liberty, Missouri

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Empowered Teacher Provides Students With Access to Engineering

A teacher’s transformative experience helps him share the joy of engineering with his fifth grade students.

“I thought it was comical when I was first approached about teaching engineering. It wasn’t me. I didn’t think that way. I quickly realized how wrong I was."

Brandon Lewis, PLTW Launch Teacher
Lewis and Clark Elementary
Liberty, Missouri

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