PLTW Launch Teachers: Empowering Fellow Teachers and Students

Pltw Launch Professional Development

PLTW Launch Teachers Professional Development

There are two PLTW Launch teacher roles: Lead Teachers and Classroom Teachers. Each role has a different set of responsibilities and PLTW training experience; both roles deliver engaging experiences in the classroom.

PLTW Launch Lead Teachers

PLTW Launch Lead Teachers are dynamic instructional leaders who have the capacity and passion to lead on-site teacher professional development activities, serve as the PLTW Launch point person at their program sites, and provide ongoing guidance and support for PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers within their buildings.

Once a district or school adopts PLTW Launch, PLTW Launch Lead Teachers prepare to bring PLTW to life at their program site. After engaging in in-depth training experiences, PLTW Launch Lead Teachers conduct on-site Building-Level Readiness Training for all educators at their site who will teach PLTW Launch. Once the program is up and running, PLTW Launch Lead Teachers provide ongoing guidance to PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers in areas like inventory management. 

PLTW Launch Lead Teachers may be classroom teachers, instructional coaches, or administrators.

PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers

PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers inspire, engage, and empower K-5 students by delivering the PLTW Launch experience in their classrooms. They prepare for this role by engaging in three steps of professional development, including training at their school led by their PLTW Launch Lead Teacher. 

PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers represent a wide variety of backgrounds and share a passion for helping students develop the skills and knowledge they need to thrive. 

The PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Professional Development Experience

To prepare for the role of PLTW Launch Lead Teacher, educators go through the following phases of professional development:

PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Readiness Training 

Readiness Training introduces educators to the role of PLTW Launch Lead Teacher, details key characteristics of the PLTW experience, and provides resources for planning a successful PLTW Launch implementation. The experience provides a strong foundation of technical and content knowledge teachers need before progressing on to pedagogy- and skill-focused training. 

Readiness Training is a self-paced experience delivered online and is designed to provide approximately four to six hours of learning opportunities. Readiness Training must be completed prior to registering for PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Training. 

PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Training 

PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Training is an in-depth, collaborative experience designed to empower educators to develop the confidence, understanding, and knowledge necessary to lead Building-Level Training for prospective PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers at their site. During the 24 instructional hours (covered over three days) of Launch Lead Teacher Training, participants experience the roles of the PLTW Launch student, PLTW Launch Classroom Teacher, and PLTW Launch Lead Teacher as they engage in PLTW Launch activities, projects, and problems and delve into pedagogical strategies. 

PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Ongoing Training 

PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Ongoing Training empowers teachers to continue growing through ongoing learning experiences. Ongoing Training provides Launch Lead Teachers with access to professional development resources like; best practices related to facilitating Building-Level Training; and networking through the national online PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Professional Learning Community (PLC).

The PLTW Launch Classroom Teacher Professional Development Experience

To prepare for the role of PLTW Launch Classroom Teacher, educators go through the following phases of professional development:

Building-Level Readiness Training

PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers begin by engaging in Building-Level Readiness Training, an in-depth, collaborative training led by a PLTW Launch Lead Teacher at his or her school. During this training, PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers are empowered to develop knowledge and skills related to the PLTW Launch program; the activity-, project-, and problem-based (APB) approach used throughout the PLTW curriculum; and STEM at the elementary level.

Grade-Level Specific Core Training

After successfully completing Readiness Training requirements, PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers engage in self-paced Grade-Level Specific Core Training that is delivered online. Each Grade-Level Specific Core Training is designed to help educators develop an understanding of grade-level module content, as well as the invaluable resources available to teachers and students. After completing all applicable Grade-Level Specific Core Trainings, teachers get access to module-specific student and classroom instructional resources and Ongoing Training resources.

Grade-Level Ongoing Training

PLTW Launch Classroom Teacher Ongoing Training empowers teachers to keep discovering and growing through ongoing learning experiences. Ongoing Training provides educators with module-specific professional development series that build understanding of the content and pedagogy, as well as provide hands-on experience with each activity, project, and problem. Additional professional development opportunities include access, LMS training resources, and networking through an online Professional Learning Community (PLC).