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PLTW Launch Teachers: Empowering Fellow Teachers and Students

Pltw Launch Professional Development

A Training Experience Tailored to PLTW Launch Teachers' Roles and Needs

There are two PLTW Launch teacher roles: PLTW Launch Lead Teachers and PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers. Each role has a different set of responsibilities and a tailored PLTW training experience that prepares them for success. 

PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers

PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers inspire, engage, and empower PreK-5 students by delivering PLTW Launch in their classrooms. They engage students in real-world learning experiences as students apply knowledge and skills to solve open-ended problems. PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers represent a wide variety of backgrounds and share a passion for helping students develop the in-demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive. 

PLTW Launch Lead Teachers

PLTW Launch Lead Teachers are instructional leaders who have the capacity and passion to grow in their own practice, as well as provide ongoing guidance and support for PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers. Lead Teachers provide leadership and support in a variety of ways to advance the implementation of PLTW Launch in their schools or districts. They may facilitate training for a group of Classroom Teachers in their schools. Often, they also provide instructional support as they model or co-facilitate student learning, observe and support Classroom Teachers, help with preparations to teach modules, or lead ongoing professional learning for teachers.

PLTW Launch Professional Development is designed to provide flexibility by offering different training options for teachers and creating a roadmap to support program implementation and growth for schools and districts. 

The PLTW Launch Classroom Teacher Training Experience

This two-day, collaborative experience prepares teachers to facilitate and deliver a transformative learning experience in their classrooms.

During PLTW Launch Classroom Teacher Training, teachers develop an understanding of the activity-, project-, problem-based (APB) instructional approach at the core of all 43 PLTW Launch modules. They embrace their role as facilitators of learning as they gain familiarity with grade-level modules and experience how to plan and implement PLTW Launch modules in the classroom.

Professional learning continues after completion of the Classroom Teacher Training. Teachers have access to professional development resources and support directly related to the modules they will facilitate with students throughout the school year.

The PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Training Experience

Focused on enabling districts and schools to create capacity in support of sustainable program growth, the Lead Teacher Training is a train-the-trainer experience designed to develop instructional leaders and program champions.

During this two-day training, teachers engage in PLTW Launch activities, projects, and problems; experience PLTW Launch modules; and delve into pedagogical strategies. They also gain an understanding of adult learners and build instructional leadership competencies to be able to train and support PLTW Launch Classroom Teachers at their school. PLTW Classroom Teacher Training is a prerequisite for teachers in order to participate in the PLTW Lead Teacher Training experience.

Additional professional development resources and training opportunities that support Lead Teachers are available yearlong. 


PLTW protects a district’s investment by guaranteeing if a teacher leaves within three years of earning a PLTW credential and goes to another PLTW district, PLTW will provide a grant in the amount of the training fee for the district to train a teacher in the same course and prevent disruption in student learning.

Guarantee applies to any credentials earned beginning June 1, 2019, and afterward. Other restrictions may apply.

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