PLTW program leaders in districts across the U.S. are leveraging best practices to deliver unmatched learning experiences to their students.

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Tips for PLTW Computer Science Program Implementation

When building out your PLTW Computer Science program, keep in mind that the strongest programs typically focus on key shared, student-focused priorities. These programs tend to provide access to a variety of PLTW Computer Science courses to students at all grade levels, ensuring every student gets to experience PLTW. In most strong programs, several teachers are trained and are actively engaged in the program and focused on student engagement and achievement. In addition, strong PLTW Computer Science programs receive enthusiastic support from district and school leaders. 

Through Wearable Technology Project, Students Build Knowledge, Skills, and Community

Learn how the Femineers –a group of 10th- and 11th-grade girls from Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design – built a supportive community and brought their learning to life through an interdisciplinary wearable technology project that integrated skills across the spectrums of computer science, electronics, engineering, problem solving, and more. 

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One can do many things, but together, we’re unstoppable.

- Blanca Lopez, PLTW Student Fremont Academy of Engineering and Design | Pomona, California

Math Teacher Empowered to Lead School's First Computer Science Class

Learn how a math teacher blazed the trail for computer science at his school and now can’t imagine taking any other path.

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I am still teaching math to these students; however, it’s in a different and better manner. The students are able to see how the trigonometry is used to solve truss calculations, or how the code segments and commands can be put together to create code that modifies images.