Building Thriving PLTW Biomedical Science Programs

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Best Practices for PLTW Biomedical Science Success

The strongest PLTW Biomedical Science programs generally focus on key student-focused priorities that you may want to keep in mind as you implement your program. These thriving programs tend to provide access to a variety of PLTW Biomedical Science courses to students at all grade levels, ensuring every student gets to experience PLTW. In most strong PLTW Biomedical Science programs, several teachers are trained and are actively engaged in the program and focused on student engagement and achievement. In addition, strong PLTW Biomedical Science programs typically have strong champions in their district and school leaders. 

PLTW Inspires Student to Fall in Love With Science

How PLTW Biomedical Science empowered one student to embrace her creativity and gain confidence in science.

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Today, my life has been impacted in so many positive ways, and I have grown as an individual and student. More importantly, I am a better thinker and problem-solver.

- Santina Cherian, PLTW Biomedical Science Alumna Francis Tuttle Technology Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

District’s K-12 PLTW Pathways Empower Teachers to Prepare All Students to Thrive

Learn how one district’s K-12 pathways have been transformational for students and teachers.

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Teachers are experiencing revivals in instruction, epiphanies of countless cross-content integration, innumerable real-life applications, and the ability for a diverse range of learning styles to either grasp, master, or accelerate depth of knowledge.

- Mardi Montgomery, Director of Next Generation Programs Pulaski County Schools | Somerset, Kentucky

Complete PLTW Biomedical Science Sequence, Paired With AP, Drives Results

Students in one PLTW Biomedical Science program are experiencing positive outcomes including guaranteed admittance to medical school and superior lab skills.

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By preparing the students academically through AP and deepening their interests in biomedical science through the PLTW courses, our students are staying the course in challenging majors and being accepted into medical and professional schools.

- Mark Pierce, Director of the Biosciences and Medicine Academy Francis Tuttle Technology Center | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bolstered by Experiences, Students in Underserved Rural District Soar

Learn how students in one district have out-performed others in their state on the end-of-course biology test by more than 20 percentage points. 

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These students, who have a troubled history of substance abuse and poverty, and a broken home life, respectively, related how PLTW courses have changed their lives by engaging their interest, giving them an academic direction and confidence, and bringing into focus a vision for future career and quality of life.