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Partner with Us to Transform the Learning Experience and Build the Workforce of the Future

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Overview of Partnering with PLTW

By choosing to partner with us, you can help engage a generation that is prepared to solve global and local challenges – maybe some within your own company or organization.  

Our partners directly support teaching and learning in a number of ways. PLTW partners: 

  • Offer expertise to develop and validate curriculum; 
  • Expand student access to PLTW programs and unmatched professional development for teachers;
  • Fund PLTW programs and provide classroom equipment and supplies; 
  • Visit the classroom to explain career opportunities, or invite students and teachers into their companies to see careers firsthand; 
  • Offer mentoring, internships, and career-related opportunities; 
  • Advocate for and endorse PLTW programs in communities and with policymakers. 

I have visited many PLTW schools, specifically doing the engineering curriculum, and the excitement that I see not only by the students, but by the teachers, is amazing. When you ask a student what they are doing, they can articulate exactly what and why, which shows the power of the PLTW model.  

- Blair Blackwell, Manager Education and Corporate Programs Chevron

We need a new generation of creators and builders if we want to live in the future we’re imagining. Together, through our partnership with PLTW, we’re delivering on the promise of the digital world – and that’s a brighter future for everyone.

- Justina Nixon-Saintil, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Verizon

Through our unique partnership with PLTW, we are expanding its one-of-a-kind, 'learn by doing' curriculum across our footprint, inspiring many young minds to pursue career pathways that are critical to the industries in which we operate. We are not simply making a corporate donation; we are unleashing the best of our people across Atlas to make a tangible difference, right where our associates live and work each day. Our company leadership teams and associates are helping to raise grant funds, form new School Partnership teams, and create a bond between our businesses, the school they adopt and the community they share.

- Andrew M. Bursky, Managing Partner Atlas Holdings LLC

At John Deere, we believe that innovation is a key to overcome the challenges our world faces and improve the quality of life for everyone. To achieve world-changing innovations, we must first empower youth to engage science, technology, engineering, and math with their hands, minds, and hearts. Project Lead The Way provides such rich engagement, and in so doing inspires the next generation of innovators.

- Pat Barnes, Program Director, Global STEM John Deere

Why Partner with Us?

Our partners not only make a difference in the lives of K-12 students and teachers across the U.S., but they also see a return on their investment. Our partners are directly contributing to the development of their future workforce and ensuring graduates have the knowledge and problem-solving, critical- and creative-thinking, collaboration, and communication skills they need to succeed.   

Additionally, we provide our partners with opportunities to connect with PLTW students, teachers, and administrators. We recognize our partners and the success stories they help create through a variety of marketing and public relations campaigns.  

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