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Make PLTW Happen at Your School!

Many funding options may be available to cover the costs of PLTW implementation.

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Available Funding Types for Your School

More than ever before, there is a broad spectrum of funding resources available to support schools’ many needs. Funding from federal education and recovery plans, corporate partners, and granting agencies create a collection of resources schools can access and combine to help support their students and to help them close learning gaps.

We at PLTW are here to help you identify resources and build your plan. Explore the information below to understand what’s available to fuel your investment.

Funding Spectrum

Types of Funding

We work with companies and foundations across the U.S. to provide school grant opportunities to implement or expand PLTW programs. Over the last 10 years, PLTW with the support from these generous partners, has distributed over $75 million in school grants to more than 6,600 PreK-12 schools. Is your school considering adding a PLTW program or expanding an existing program but need support with initial expenses? You may be eligible for a PLTW school grant!

The significant funds from this federal plan provide a unique opportunity for innovation, equity, and access within your school and district. The highly flexible funds are available to you for a variety of purposes. To learn more about the use of the funds, the research behind our curriculum, and how you can add or expand PLTW at your school, visit our ARP page.

There are a variety of federal funds that are available to help you build the learning experience your students deserve. Explore the following resources to discover all you can make possible.

Local partnerships are valuable resources to support your plan. They can help with initial funding, but also with program sustainability, local buy-in, implementation, and student opportunities, as you ensure support for your program.

As an advantage for you, we recommend prioritizing PLTW when creating your strategic plan. By doing this, it’s more likely you’ll be able to use multiple funding sources, because you’ll have the ability to plug PLTW into the various plans and documents that drive district/school decision making.

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How to Apply for PLTW Grants

The grant application is available through myPLTW, the single point of access to everything schools and districts need to implement, manage, and grow their PLTW programs, including grant services.

To access and submit your application through myPLTW, please follow these steps:

1. Click the “Submit Your Grant Application” button below

2. If you already have a myPLTW account, log in with your username and password.

2a. If you are a new user, select Create Account and follow the instructions.

3. After logging in to myPLTW, click Grants on the homepage to access the application.

You can find additional information about PLTW grants in the Help section of myPLTW.

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