Wherever learning takes place, PLTW supports you.

Introducing PLTW’s Distance Learning Support

PLTW’s distance learning support is a full suite of resources created by PLTW that schools can utilize to enhance their distinct distance learning needs. Support for both educators and caregivers are available through different platforms such as distance learning guides, training, webinars, and more. These resources equip teachers and caregivers with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to facilitate learning that empowers students wherever learning takes place.

PLTW’s distance learning support includes curricular enhancements embedded in the existing PLTW instructional method and delivery platform that provides alternative activities for students in a distance learning environment. These enhancements remain hands-on and engaging with supplies and equipment that are safe and feasible to transport for use at home, including Chromebook-compatible software to maximize accessibility. This enables students to continue developing the knowledge, skills, and objectives found in our existing curriculum, while helping them to achieve their educational milestones despite potential changes in their learning environment.

PLTW’s distance learning support enables the PLTW network with tools and resources created to guide and adapt to changing environments, while continuing to reinforce the in-demand, transportable skills students need to thrive in life beyond the classroom.

High-Quality Learning Experience

Through PLTW’s distance learning support, your students will receive a high-quality learning experience whether learning takes place inside or outside of the school.

Embedded Course Enhancements

PLTW’s distance learning support includes embedded course enhancements integrated within the existing course delivery platform, myPLTW, to provide alternative activities for flexible learning environments.

Flexibility With Lesson Plans

PLTW’s distance learning support allows for more flexibility when structuring lesson plans, regardless of changes in the learning environment, giving you and your students the ability to stay on track throughout the school year.

Teacher and Caregiver Resources

PLTW’s distance learning support provides teachers with new resources to guide caregivers.

Building Community

PLTW’s distance learning support connects you with other teachers across the country to build community and assist during your course implementation.