Computer Science Education Week 2019

Spark curiosity and excitement. Inspire career confidence. Empower students to thrive.

Computer Science Hero

Why PreK-12 Computer Science Matters

Computer Science education goes beyond coding. With the skills learned in the classroom, computer science students prepare for all sorts of careers: lawyers, video game designers, musicians, etc.

At a time when computer science affects how we work, play, and live, students with computer science experience are equipped to thrive in our evolving world. That’s why it’s imperative that we empower PreK-12 students to become computational thinkers as well as creators – instead of merely consumers – of the technology all around them.

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) – an annual event dedicated to inspiring PreK-12 students to get excited about computer science – is an ideal time to spark a love of computer science at your school and to discover resources to implement continued computer science learning all year long.

As a nonprofit organization providing transformative learning experiences to PreK-12 students and teachers across the U.S., Project Lead The Way is excited to participate in this initiative.

Share Your Computer Science Experience

By getting involved in the CSEdWeek conversation and sharing your experience, you can help inspire others and raise awareness of the importance of computer science.

  1. Share the Excitement on Social Media

    Spread the word about the transformational power of computer science, and inspire fellow students and teachers! Hop onto social media and post pictures of your classroom, messages from your students, and video clips about what computer science looks like in your classroom. Don’t forget to include #CSEdWeek and #PLTW in your posts!

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  2. Submit Your Story for the PLTW Blog

    Help us extend the excitement beyond #CSEdWeek and inspire other schools and districts to bring computer science learning opportunities to their classrooms! Highlight the amazing things your school or district is doing to advance students’ access to – and interest in – computer science.

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How to Celebrate CSEdWeek

Explore Rosie’s Runtime with Elementary Students

Bring computer science to life in your PreK-5 classroom with this unplugged PLTW Launch activity. In Rosie's Runtime, students get an introduction to computer science through an interactive game that rivals recess.

Download for Your Class

Access Free CS Resources for Middle and High School Students

Created in partnership with PLTW, the Verizon Innovative Learning Educator Portal provides access to fun, free, interactive computer science activities to continue engaging your students during and beyond CSEdWeek.

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Become a Computer Science Advocate

Download the PLTW Computer Science white paper, “Our Duty to Prepare Students to Thrive”, and share with your network about the value of PreK-12 Computer Science education. 


Amazing discoveries start here.

PLTW Launch (PreK-5) students soar to new heights through activities like designing a robot, developing a table game, and rescuing a trapped zoo animal. 

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Spark engagement in your classroom.

PLTW Gateway (6-8) students explore interests and discover future opportunities by tackling pressing challenges like designing a therapeutic toy for a child with cerebral palsy, cleaning up an oil spill, or solving a fictional crime.

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Empower your students to be technology trailblazers.

PLTW Computer Science empowers students in grades 9-12 to become creators, instead of merely consumers, of the technology all around them.

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