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David Greer

David Greer

Executive Vice President and Chief Programs Officer


Tulsa, OK


  • University of Tulsa (Ph.D. candidate, MS, Computer Science) 
  • Oklahoma State University (BS, Management Information Systems)

Path to PLTW

K-12 and post-secondary career and technology education leader, expert in information technology and cybersecurity

A nationally recognized leader in information security and digital forensics education and training, David Greer knows how vital it is that students’ educational experiences prepare them for our highly technical, ever-evolving global economy. He’s worked in K-12 and post-secondary education with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education and the University of Tulsa; created the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance that united over 90 organizations around STEM talent creation and retention; and briefed U.S. Senators and the FBI, IRS, and National Security Agency on topics ranging from information security to cyber crime. 

As PLTW’s Senior Vice President and Chief Programs Officer, David leads PLTW’s talented team of curriculum, professional development, and assessment experts whose work is at the core of PLTW’s mission of empowering students to develop the in-demand knowledge and transportable skills they need to thrive in our evolving world. 

In addition to his work at PLTW, David serves on the Oklahoma Governor’s Science and Technology Council, as well as the board of directors of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority. He has multiple academic publications and has filed for several U.S. patents in the areas of e-learning and digital forensics.