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Teacher And Students

Help us as we serve students and teachers.

At PLTW, we're on a mission to create a transformative learning environment and empower students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an evolving world. Our people are most critical to our mission, and we're dedicated to building a collaborative culture of talented, enthusiastic team members who will continuously improve the extraordinary programs we deliver daily to students and educators nationwide. Click here to read our official DEIB commitment.

PLTW Core Values

We focus our best thinking and talents to create the most transformative and engaging experience for students and the teachers who inspire them. We value the time and resources of educators, administrators, and those who invest in us. We challenge one another and the status quo. We believe the more people who contribute to a student’s success, the better, so we activate and engage a national community around providing students with access to opportunities.

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Practice What We Teach

Win as a team.

Lead. Use data.

Think creatively.

Share knowledge.

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Serve With Purpose

Anticipate needs.

Reduce hassles.

Go the extra inch.

Deliver results.

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Adapt & Grow

Embrace change.

Continuously improve.

Learn and grow.

Coach and be coachable.

Inspire trust.

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Build a Community

Promote our impact.

Amplify our brand.

Create shared value.

Expand our reach.