About PLTW Summit

What is PLTW Summit?

PLTW Summit is the premier gathering of Project Lead The Way’s network of teachers, school administrators, and business, university, and community leaders – who are all committed to transforming the PreK-12 learning experience.

PLTW Summit is a three-day event hosted at four locations across the country. It offers a unique professional development opportunity during which guests can share, learn, and connect with one another through workshops, general sessions, and networking activities.

For the past several years, PLTW Summit – which was previously a once-a-year event – has brought together thousands of guests and vendors, provided hundreds of professional development workshops, and empowered dozens of students to share their unique stories about how PLTW has transformed their lives.

PLTW Summit 2017 By the Numbers

Guests: 1,800+
Student guests and speakers: 76
Partners and vendors: 60+
Workshop sessions: 90+ 
Hours of professional development logged: 13,650+
Average daily steps: 24,000 
Cups of coffee served: 14,400 (not including Starbucks!)

Summit Hero Bg

The sessions were awesome. The chance to network with other like-minded professionals who teach the same thing as me was priceless.

- PLTW Summit Attendee

I loved the opportunity to network with my fellow Master Teachers and PLTW instructors. Very valuable experience.

- PLTW Summit Attendee

I really enjoyed the student stories. The passion they show is contagious!

- PLTW Summit Attendee

Always a very informative, positive networking experience. PLTW Summit makes attendees feel valued and inspires us all to the mission of skill development and career connection for our students. Thank you.

- PLTW Summit Attendee

We need PLTW Summit. It is always timely professional development. It makes me a better teacher every time I go.

- PLTW Summit Attendee

Experiencing the passion of the collective group was intoxicating.

- PLTW Summit Attendee

It was great to network with other teachers from all across the country and be able to learn new, innovative ideas of how to add to the curriculum or present the curriculum in a variety of ways to engage a wide variety of learners.