Assessment Team

The Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provides guidance on technical assessment matters pertaining to validity and reliability, accuracy and fairness. Members of the TAC are highly regarded national experts who have been widely published in their fields. Areas of expertise include: assessment design; computer adaptive testing (CAT); assessment accommodations; uses of test; and English language arts/literacy and math.

Karin Dykeman, Technology & Engineering Teacher, Liverpool High School

Tom Enneking, Ph.D., Senior Advisory to the President, Marian University

Jonathan Gaines, Ph.D., First-year Experiential Education & Learning Instructor, University of Florida

Anne Harris, Ph.D., Principal Research Fellow, RMIT University

Danah Henriksen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Shauna Hobbs, Ed.S., Director of Analytics, Innovation, and Research, GRADED

Kij Johnson, M.F.A., Assistant Professor of Fiction Writing, University of Kansas

Barbara Kerr, Ph.D., Williamson Family Distinguished Professor of Counseling Psychology, University of Kansas

Gerry Koocher, Ph.D., Provost, Quincy College former Chief of Psychology at Boston’s Children Hospital, former President of the American Psychological Association

Kay Kim, Ph.D., Professor of Creativity and Innovation, College of William and Mary

Jennifer Klecatsky, Biology and Engineering Teacher, Brainerd High School

Glenn Omura, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Mariana Somma, M.B.A., M.S., Lecturer, University of California – Berkeley

Bara Watts, M.B.A., Director of Entrepreneurship at the Center for Innovation & Impact, Oberlin College and Conservatory

Al White, Advisor of Corporate Responsibility and Community Relations and Vice President of Lilly Foundation, fmr Chief Operating Officer Global Corporate Affairs., Eli Lilly and Company

Dr. Elliot Bedford, Ethicist, Ascension

Rebecca Dresser, Daniel Noyes Kirby Professor of Law, Professor of Ethics in Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Allison Fetter-Harrott, Elmon and Lucile Williams Endowed Chair in Law and Public Service, Franklin College

Dr. Dan Hartner, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

Dr. Susannah Howe, Professor and Design Clinic Director, Picker Engineering Program, Smith College

Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development at University of Minnesota

Dr. Gerry Koocher, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Quincy College; former President, American Psychological Assn.

Andrew Madsen, Esq., Assistant Director & Counsel, Office of Ethics & Compliance at The Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Laura E. Noren, Moore/Sloan Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Data Science at New York University

Dr. Michael Smith, Thomas C. Sorenson Professor of Political and Social Thought and Associate Professor of Politics, University of Virginia

Joelle Dountio Ofimboudem, Fellow, Global Health Initiative, Georgetown University; fmr Technology Transfer Officer.

Teacher representatives from each pathway.

•Denise Mutlu

•Terry Ausman