Assessment: A Tool to Support and Reinforce Student Learning


Assessments are a powerful way to evaluate and strengthen student learning.

Assessments provide meaningful feedback to students, teachers, and PLTW. They help students understand what they are doing well and what they need help with, give teachers the information they need to guide each student, and provide PLTW with information that helps us continuously update and improve our programs.

Balanced Assessment: A Continuous Approach Focused on Student Success

We embrace a balanced approach to assessment for all programs, integrating both formative and summative assessments. Through this balanced approach, assessment is an ongoing activity that provides students with a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, which allows teachers to monitor student progress and modify instruction accordingly. PLTW students show what they’ve learned by completing classroom activities, projects, and problems; maintaining logs, notebooks, and portfolios that undergo assessment; and evaluating work through a range of tools, such as performance rubrics and reflective questioning, to deepen and expand their knowledge and skills. 

End-of-Course (EoC) Assessments

EoC assessments are online exams given at the end of PLTW high school courses1. EoCs serve as an indicator of a student’s overall achievement in the course. 

PLTW's assessment and curriculum experts collaborate with PLTW pilot teachers and use industry best practices to develop and test EoC assessments. We validate new EoCs through a multi-year process to ensure the accuracy of the assessments, and we continuously update them to ensure validity and reliability. 

[1] This excludes capstone courses, which provide portfolio-based opportunities for assessments.

Timely, Valid Assessment Results

PLTW teachers and administrative leaders get access to EoC scores within 24 hours of EoC completion.  

We report valid and reliable scores on overall student performance within the course, which gives PLTW students in grades 9-12 an evaluation of their achievement and provides teachers and administrators with the information they need to make informed decisions.