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Da Vinci Science High School

201 N Douglas St El Segundo, CA 90245

Contact Information

PLTW Solution Center
Phone: 877.335.PLTW (7589)


Training Summary

The Da Vinci Science High School will host select in-person PLTW Core Training for PLTW Launch, PLTW Gateway, PLTW Computer Science, PLTW Engineering, and PLTW Biomedical Science

Da Vinci Science High School provides innovative learning spaces, curriculum for its students, and collaboration opportunities for teachers. Da Vinci Science is located just minutes from Los Angeles International Airport in a 210,000-square-foot, futuristic building where Northrop Grumman once designed fighter jets. The campus is nestled among aerospace, energy, and biomedical science leaders, giving the students and faculty unique access and connection to industry opportunities.

Designed more like a professional collaborative space than a traditional high school, the campus environment supports and fosters real-world problem-solving and project-based learning. All students take PLTW and select among one of three career pathways – Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering – which include specialized courses and opportunities for students to work alongside professionals in these fields.

Da Vinci Science High School

201 N Douglas St

El Segundo, CA 90245


PLTW Solution Center

877.335.PLTW (7589)


Training Schedule

The summer 2023 Core Training Schedule is available here.


Planning Your Investment

PLTW is pleased to offer standard pricing for all PLTW Core Training sessions. The tuition fee covers access to all training materials; course facilitation and support by expert Master Teachers; lunch, snacks, and drinks; PLTW-branded swag; and the PLTW Training Guarantee.

Travel, accommodations, and dinner are not included in the tuition fee, and prices for these items will vary by hub.

A credit card or purchase order is required to secure, and pay for, your PLTW Core Training. Access pricing for all PLTW programs and trainings on our Investment page and use our Investment Tool to help plan your summer 2023 PLTW Core Training experience. You should secure any advance approvals prior to registering on myPLTW.

If you’re unable to provide credit card information or a purchase order to confirm your registration, you can use the Payment Guarantee Form to register:

  1. Select PO Number
  2. Enter Payment Guarantee as your purchase order number
  3. Choose Upload Files and upload a completed copy of the Payment Guarantee Form
  4. Select Submit


PLTW reserves the right to cancel any PLTW Core Training registration where a false or inaccurate purchase order was uploaded during the registration process.